Launching Nov 29th

We invite you to join a liberating, non-political, people’s movement to expose the criminal wrong doing in UK banks.

Our aim is to clean up the corrupt banking system, which has brought you 10 years of austerity: to return control of your financial well-being to you and your family; and to protect and promote UK small businesses and the UK economy.

Lloyds is the UK’s most toxic bank
and that’s where our purge begins.

We will explain:

• Why your money and your future is not safe with Lloyds.
• The 5 frauds and 10 malpractices Lloyds use to fleece customers.
• And why their CEO, Chairman and Board are not to be trusted.


We will explain the simple way to exit toxic Lloyds and move YOUR money to a safer, more ethical bank.

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